Coin album PUBLICA M COLOR with 10 pages in 5 different layouts – Spring (green) – with matching slipcase

43,50  (Inc. Vat)

The high-quality coin pages; with transparent, plasticizer-free ; strips ensure a clear and secure storage of your coins; The characteristic slider system guarantees a practical functionality. Whole series ; easily can; be pulled out, supplemented and rep

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Padded ring binder; ; PUBLICA M COLOR with 10 Multi collect coin pages in 5 different layouts and matching slipcase; 2 pages each for 15 coins; ; Ø 42 mm; (Nr. MU15). 2 pages each for; 24 coins Ø 34; mm; (Nr. MU24). 2 pages; each for; 35 coins; ; Ø 27

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Weight 1420 g

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