Banknote album ECO, tan

79,49  (Inc. Vat)

Capacity:; ca. 80 LINDNER T illustrated pages; ca. 80 LINDNER T-Blank pages; ca. 65 LINDNER dT illustrated pages; ca. 65 LINDNER dT-Blank pages; ca. 60 Omnia pages or crystal clear pocket pages; ca. 90 LINDNER Blank pages; LINDNER padded slipcase

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Comes with 20 softener-free crystal clear pages for banknotes and 20 white backing pages; 10 x banknote page with 2 pockets 240 x 140 mm (Item no. 830) 10 x banknote page with 3 pockets 240 x 90 mm (Item no. 831);
Combination of ring binder and slipca

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